Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Pretender Season One

I loved this series when it was on TV. I'm sad that it never had a real ending. There are 4 seasons and then 2 movies. Haven't watched it in a while and needed something to put on the TV while I crochet.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Time Enough at Last-Twilight Zone

Has anyone seen this?! This is the first time I have ever seen this! Poor Henry Bemis! A wife that won't let him read at home. A boss that won't let him read on the job. All the poor guy wants is to be left alone with a book or newspaper. At one point he says he even resorted to reading the ingredients on the Ketchup bottle! I can relate with his desire to want to escape it all just to read. And then he gets his lucky break. The only man left in the world and he finds the library. I love as he walks by the piles of books he has stacked telling himself this one is for January, this one is for February, this stack is for March and so on. I would so do that! Heck I do that already! ha! And then the ultimate disaster truly isn't fair! Poor Henry Bemis!

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Hunger Games

My daughter and I went and saw The Hunger Games today. The first day out! Ack! I bought tickets online but had to stand in line to get them at the theater. By the time we got into the theater we ended up sitting in the 4th row. Not good! Both of us got sick because of all the camera movement in the movie. I loved the movie, but whew I did not like the motion sickness. And no, we didn't see it at an IMAX or in 3D. Just sat too close. Besides that, the movie was EXCELLENT! Great acting, great action, great emotions! Followed the book fairly well I would say. It was also pretty gory. Not for the faint of heart that's for sure! I would suggest you read the book first, then see the movie, but that is just me.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Psych Seasons 4 & 5

Ok, I am totally hooked on this series! Like seriously! I will be so disappointed when we are finished watching Season 5. I don't know when Season 6 will be out on DVD, but I will be getting it as soon as it does! The comedic dialog between Shawn and Gus continues to crack me up. The introduction in Season 3 of the Yin and Yang serial killer totally creeped me out! And even though Lassiter seems like a real stick in the mud he sure has a cute smile!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Psych Season 3

I totally love Psych! I have Season 4 on order right now. Season 3 was great! I'm always a sucker for a mystery, and then add humor to it and I'm totally onboard!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

In My Mailbox Today

Yup, this was in my mailbox today and I'm so excited for my husband to go to work so I can sit down and watch it!!!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sue Thomas F.B. Eye

This is another series I got hooked on. I had heard about it from our pastor a couple of years ago. Periodically I would look on Amazon to see if it was out on DVD yet. Recently all 3 seasons of it were released. I asked my parents for it for Christmas. We are almost finished watching it and I have to say it was GREAT! Sue Thomas is deaf and hired by the F.B.I. to read lips for them. Based on the true-life story of Sue Thomas. Each character makes me laugh. I wish it were more than just 3 seasons! And Levi the dog! Oh my, he is Sue's hearing dog. I love him! He reminds me of a golden lab that we had, they are so expressive and SMART! Great show, filled with faith, humor and where the bad-guys always get bested!